Dismantling and assembling furniture
In Trans-Reform S.L., we have the service of dismantling and assembling furniture, carried out by specialists in the field.

When the furniture has arrived at the destination, our professionals may mount adapted to the specific dimensions of the new space, if necessary. Our professionals will take care not only of the dismantling and later assembly, but also the transfer of parts of disassembled furniture. Once in the new building during the assembly process, our staff will assemble each piece adapting to the new place. Tables, chairs, boisseries, shelves, cabinets ... be perfectly adapted, footwear and level.
Our main goal is to ensure the integrity of their belongings and, with it, peace of mind, knowing that it is in the hands of a team of professionals backed by extensive experience in the sector, which will deal with the whole process without you have to worry about anything. Therefore, we also take care of the packaging of each of the parts resulting from the removal of furniture. We use the best materials and specific techniques for each object and material. (Packing blankets, cardboard, bubble wrap) Budget request


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